Make a fashionable choice

During searching for interesting covers that will bring a little variety to the house and become a decorative accent of the interior, it is worth to pay attention to the pleats. The folding arrangement of the material integrated into the window frame will surely delight many a creator of home arrangements.

In addition, folds easily fit into any room: living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom from the functional side. You can easily cover them with large glazed surfaces that connect the interior of the house with its surroundings. Pleated blinds are also perfect for windows of unusual shape (trapezoids, triangles, polygons, semicircles). Importantly, the covers can be mounted on both vertical and roof windows.

Reshape the home space

The Evie pleated blind offers 3 different configurations. One of the solutions is one-way service, in which the upper gutter is permanently mounted and the lower one responds to the change of the fabric position.

If you like practical solutions, an interesting idea may be to use a system with two movable gutters (upper and lower). The cover can then cover any part of the glass, e.g. creating a jealousy in the window.

The third way to arrange the window allows you to install two different fabrics in one system (one above the other, separated by an aluminum movable gutter). In this case, the combination of transparent material for the day and blackout at night is extremely functional. It is also a great way to transform the interior.

Time for changes

The Evie blind collection includes 396 pleated fabrics and 156 honeycomb fabrics (two textile layers). It’s your decision what materials you use and how you arrange the window space.

You can follow the current trends and choose the most fashionable fabrics, among which creams and greys dominate. If you want to make the interior more vivid with colours, choose, for example: blue, orange or raspberry.

Each fabric has unique patterns and material texture. In addition to appearance, you can also decide on the degree of light transmission. You can choose from transparent, translucent and blackout fabrics.

Advantages of EVIE pleats

  • Special self-levelling system
    prevents the pleat skew in the light of the glass
  • Metal glides
    improving shutter guiding and extending the life of the strings
  • Sophisticated tensioning foot preventing
    the blinds from retracting automatically
  • Compliance with Child Safe standards
  • A completely new, original pleated blind system, available only at Anwis
  • Modern design - a specially designed profile adapted to, among others for half-round glazing beads
  • Systems for vertical and roof windows
  • A wide range of design solutions: systems with a control handle at the gutter and string control with a precise braking mechanism
  • In string-controlled systems, large windows can be shielded: up to 2.3m wide and 2.5m high
  • 9 system colours as standard and 2 additional colours - wood-like, structurally painted

A wide range of design solutions
Simple and convenient – tailored to your needs!

Solutions for vertical windows

EV system – handle control

min. max.
Width 120 mm 1500 mm
Height 200 mm *2200 mm

*The maximum height of the pleat depends on its width.

EF System – control by string

min. max.
Width 150 mm 2300 mm
Height 300 mm 2600 mm

ET System – without control

min. max.
Width 200 mm 2000 mm*
Height 200 mm 2000 mm

ER System – without control

min. max.
Width 150 mm 1500 mm*
Height 150 mm 1500 mm

EE System – motorised control

min. max.
Width 800 mm 3000 mm*
Height 300 mm 2600 mm

Solutions for roof windows

EDF System – handle control

min. max.
Width 120 mm 1500 mm
Height 200 mm 1500 mm

EDC System – handle control

min. max.
Width 120 mm 1500 mm
Height 200 mm 1500 mm


9 basic system colours + 2 wood-like colours, structurally painted.

Possibility to choose the colours of control gutters for windows or fabric colours.